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Connecting to Quickbooks Online

PayApp's POS and Merchant App integration into QuickBooks Online
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PayApp POS App | Merchant App

  • PayApp’s Merchant App and PayApp’s iPad based POS app are nicely integrated with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.
  • The app is completely free of any cost and available worldwide.
  • Getting started with PayApp is extremely easy.
  • This page provides step-by-step guide how to setup and integrate your Intuit's QuickBooks account with PayApp.

iPad PayApp POS iPhone Merchant App Android Merchant App


To go to Setting tap on the top left side menu icon, which opens list of options. Then tap on Payment Gateways.

Sign into QuickBooks - Step 2

In this screen you are required to log into your Intuit's QuickBooks Online account. This information is neither accessible nor stored by PayApp and its completely secure and approved by Intuit's QuickBooks Online.

Verification Code - Step 3

Per your successful log into QuickBooks, Intuit will send a verification code to directly your email. You must have access to that email address.

Enter Code - Step 4

Enter the verification code that you have received in your email. Note that this is the email that is registered in your Intuit's QuickBooks Online account.

Authorize Linking - Step 5

As soon as the verification code is confirmed by the Intuit's QuickBooks, it will ask you to Authorize the PayApp Merchant app for linking. Please press on Authorize button at the bottom.

Link Established - Step 6

Once Authorized then Merchant App or PayApp POS app will eatblish a secure link with your QuickBooks Online account. Tap on OK to see updated Settings in the Payment Gateways screen.

Settings Completed - Step 7

You will see the Payment Gateways screen updated and Intuit option is now turned ON. Here you DO NOT have to press on 'Confirm' button. This link is already confirmed.

Ready for Business

App is now ready to accept Payment and Sales. The transaction and sales data will automatically sent to QuickBooks Online. Press on green Total button at the bottom right where the total amount shown to proceed with the Payment transaction.

Payment Acceptance Option

PayApp's Merchant App or PayApp POS app has three main payment acceptance options, Cash, Credit Card and PayApp's Wallet QR code. With Credit Card, app has the capabity to scan the plastic card for the Credit Card number. In addition, app also provides option to manually enter Credit Card.

Processing Payment

For added security and respective industry, these options are available however you can disable or enable these options from the app Settings Menu.

Print or Send Receipt

Once the payment transaction is successfully completed then the app provides option to Print or Send (Email) the transaction receipt to your customer. Note that the transaction is not only processed by Intuit but its also recorded into your QuickBooks Online account directly. This is so very useful and reduces additional accounting steps.

You can always send (or resend) receipts via email by going into Settings, and then Sales History.